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Get listed on our Top15 favorite sites:

We use an 'In Referral' script for tracking the Top15 sites that link to us. Unlike other sites that use scripts like this, we personally review "every site" that wants to be listed on our favorite links page. To qualify, you must have a quality site that we think our visitors would enjoy.

The more traffic you send us, the higher your link will be on our list. Although we may accept 50 link exchanges, only the Top15 make it to our list. This way, your link is not competing with 100's of other sites for traffic, and all of our favorite links will be on one page.

How will membership benefit your site?

To begin with, you'll be offering your visitors quality services and fun entertainment. The network reaches 600,000 unique users and serves over 12 Million impressions monthly!

In addition, 4 times per month we will randomly pick a link partner from one of the Net3Media sites. If your site is selected, you will get a free promo in one of our newsletters reaching 1000's of our opt-in subscribers.
So how does it all work?

Once accepted, we will issue you a unique referral URL to link to us. You can use this URL with images and/or text links. How you link to us is up to you. We have a few graphics on our link page if you would like to use one of those.

If you prefer a text link, that's fine too. The only thing we require is that you use the refer URL we create that will be unique to you.

We then tabulate all incoming hits from our link partners. If your site is one of our Top15 referrers, you will be listed according to your ranking. We keep a running total of the past 30 days and the total hits are displayed next to your listing instead of resetting the total daily. This method is much more fair as we feel you should be compensated on past "and" present performance.

All of the Net3Media sites have their own Top15 Favorite Links page. If you would like to exchange with us on more than one site, you'll need to apply to each site. We also tabulate hits on each site separately. So if you have more than one link with us, your ranking may be higher on some sites.

If you're interested in a link exchange, please fill out the form below:
Your Name:
Site Name:
Email Address:
Website URL:
Link Appears On:

NOTE: we will only reply if you are "accepted" as a link partner. All field must be filled in or we'll just nuke the request...thank you!

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