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HTML Clinic

Welcome to HTML Clinic

Open 24 hours, no appointment necessary!
HTML Clinic features step-by-step, easy to understand HTML tutorials, with lots of examples you can follow and learn from.

Our tutorials are color-coded so making sense of each topic is painless and fun!

HTML Clinic is the perfect prescription for your ailing website.

Featuring a great selection of free online tools for your web page toolbox:

* Set up your site for search engines. here's the most comprehensive free Meta Tag Creator on the Internet

* Pre-made Frame Sets in all the most popular layouts, that you can download and customize to your own needs

* Color Charts you can use to finally nail down that perfect color combination

Getting Started

The HTML Clinic tutorials are designed to guide you through the complete process of building a web page. Start at the top and go through each section. By the time you are finished you'll have a web page you can be proud of!

Ready to take your first step?
Click on... What Is HTML?




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