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HTML Editors: the right tool for the right job

Here are a few of the most popular HTML editors available:

For Beginner's

CoffeeCup HTML Express
Makes web page creation on the net a snap. This extremely simple web page program walks you through each and every step of the creation of your web page. Perfect for beginners who want to get their first web page up and running fast, but complex enough for professionals who need a fast jump-start on a project. Features a built-in browser, drag and drop of images, 60 prebuilt themes and more!

Hot Dog Junior
HotDog Junior helps you become a hotdog web developer in no time! The steps to making your own page are as easy as 1-2-3. You choose your background image, build your site, view it, and then upload it! Itís so simple to make a professional looking web page. Graphics and sounds are excellent. HotDog Junior is a great download for all of you first time web developers out there.

For The More Experienced

Arachnophilia is a 32-bit HTML editor and workshop. You can import fully formatted text, tables and outlines; import them into Arachnophilia, and watch as they are converted into HTML code, complete with colors, fonts and styles. Also supported are CGI, frames, Java, JavaScript, and C++ development.

CoffeeCup HTML Editor
An advanced HTML editor with outstanding features for editing HTML documents. It incorporates all the features available for editing HTML documents. View and convert any image file to a Web page-friendly graphic, and more. You name it, you can do it with this program. FTP upload and download, take advantage of 50 JavaScripts, and use the built-in animated gifs, too!

CuteHTML is an excellent text-based HTML design tool from the makers of CuteFTP. Lots of great features like color-coded tags, snippets, Drag and Drop, Tag Tips and much more!

An editor which includes fully customizable color coding, built-in HTML 3.0-compliant Web browser, multi-file search and replace, Explorer-style directory view for easy access to HTML documents, user-defined tool buttons, rulers, block indenting and much more

For a more extensive list of Free Editing Tools, check out

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